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A blog dedicated to finding cosplayers alternates for the SA clothing worn in Doctor Who and the SA clothing itself.

It’s that time again — new filming means new clothes!! And any old outfits you might be curious about!  My ask tends to not let me know when someone sends me a message, but if you have any suggestions, let me know, and I’ll start to do some more digging for you all <3


Clara Oswald - DW: The Ultimate Guide

Screen Accurate: 

Dress: Yumi Technicolour Dress - £ 48.00

Shoes: Dune Genius T-Bar Wedge in Black- £ 75.00


Belt: ASOS Chunky Metal Keeper Super Skinny Waist Belt $8.90 USD

Sunglasses: ASOS Exaggerated Metal Bridge Round Sunglasses $16.02 USD


When it comes to cosplaying, if you’re anything like me, you’re caught in the never-ending struggle of screen accuracy versus price.

These are Clara’s $160 Topshop boots in the upcoming Christmas special…


…And THESE are the dead-on alts I just received in the mail, for a little less than half the price!


BEHOLD. I don’t see much of a difference… Do you?

Thank goodness for eBay! I got them here:

Currently they only have US size 8 and 9, but I’d keep checking in case they restock! Hope this helps some of my fellow Clara cosplayers a bit. :)

A great find, for any of you interested!

Forever 21 polyester shirt / Yumi button cardigan, $60 / H&amp;M red pleated skirt, $24 / Topshop black ankle boots / Charlotte Russe yellow gold bracelet / Forever 21 yellow gold bangle / Forever 21 gold chain jewelry / Women’s Merona Kailey Dress Ankle Boot Cognac

The boots are available in black from Target.

Forever 21 polyester shirt / Yumi button cardigan, $60 / H&M red pleated skirt, $24 / Topshop black ankle boots / Charlotte Russe yellow gold bracelet / Forever 21 yellow gold bangle / Forever 21 gold chain jewelry / Women’s Merona Kailey Dress Ankle Boot Cognac

The boots are available in black from Target.

Clara Oswald - Hide

Dress: ASOS A Wear Printed Tea Dress 41.58 USD

Blazer: American Eagle Outfitters AE Classic Blazer 69.95 USD

Jacket 1: (more expensive but a really good alt; I have this one) JCREW Downtown Field Jacket in Mossy Brown 148.00 USD

Jacket 2: (more budget friendly) New Look Khaki Cotton Twill Hooded Utility Jacket 34.99 £

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins Black Lace-up Wedge Boots 69.00 USD

Necklace: Forever 21 Antiqued Owl Necklace 3.80 USD

Earrings: Forever 21 Infinity Dangle Earrings 4.80 USD

Please please please help me!!!!!! I want to cosplay as Clara in "Journey to the center of the tardis", but I can't find a dress anywhere! They no longer sell the one she wore (Vaudeville and Burlesque fit and flare red), and I can't find anything similar! It doesn't have to come with a collar, I'm fine with adding one on myself!
Asked by infxrmer

The biggest thing about her dress is the fact that the material that Urban Outfitters/Vaudeville + Burlesque used for the dress is very unique - it’s a sequin print, but there are no sequins on the fabric.  Another difficulty is that the cut of the dress is also very Fall/Winter 2012, whereas anything similar made for Spring/Summer 2013 has a much wider neckline and a tad bit shorter sleeves.

That being said, if you want as close to SA as possible, I suggest finding some similar fabric from your local fabric store, or even looking on Spoonflower to see if someone has remade the fabric and making the dress yourself.  I did find three similar dresses, two solids and one print (though it is nowhere near the same as Clara’s) that have similar cuts.  You willhave to add a collar to the dress because a lot of the dresses with Peter Pan collars are black and white, or sleeveless, that I’ve found.

This dress is the Red Ditsy Floral Dress from Dorothy Perkins.  It’s 29 USD, and available here.

This dress from ASOS is actually my favourite that I’ve found, though the colour is a bit dark, and it’s only available in a size 10.  However the cut of the neckline is much more similar to Clara’s than the DP one.  It’s available here for 32.24 USD.  

The final option is this ASOS swing dress, available here for 37.33.

I'm trying to get a Clara cosplay finished for a covention in a few days I can't remember the episode name but it's the first time we see her. I'm having a bit of trouble finding a red dress like hers,do you have any previous posts showing a dress similar to hers?It would be helpful if it could fit a small teenager,if not I could adjust it to fit.

Well, if it’s Asylum of the Daleks, where she’s Oswin, you could try this dress from American Apparel; it’s $44 and it’s a bodycon dress, so it’ll fit smaller than most.

This one from ModCloth goes down to an XS, and costs $43.99.

If it’s her Silence + Noise Space Dye Dress from Urban Outfitters, I still really like the one that fuckyeahoswincosplay posted from Forever 21, available here [though it doesn’t have space-dye] for $14.80.

[You can also get her Oswin socks from American Apparel as well, and her whisk is available on Amazon.]

The Rings of Akhaten

Dress choice 1: Cross print, wrong colour, wrong cut.  Forever21 - Fit & Flare Floral Cross Dress - 22.80 USD

Dress choice 2: wrong colour, no cross print, similar cut/style.  Forever21 Embroidered Collar Shirt Dress w/ Belt - 24.80 USD

Jacket: Forever21 Quilted Sleeve Moto Jacket - 37.80 USD [This is the closest alt that I have found to the AllSaints jacket.]

Boots and necklace - same as The Bells of St John

[again, if you need links, PM me because Tumblr doesn’t like for me to have links on my blog posts…]

The Bells of St. John

Dress: Forever21 Long-sleeved High-Low dress in Burgundy 

Cardigan: Forever21 Open-Knit Marled Cardigan 

Parka: [US Sizes 8-14] Dorothy Perkins Khaki Hooded Parka 

Boot: Women’s L & C Koji-Df Black - 

Bracelet: Forever21 Cross Bead Chain Bracelet

Necklace: Forever21 Eagle Charm Necklace 

[Thanks to fuckyeahoswincosplay for posting the dress!  The biggest problem with finding Clara’s outfit from this episode is that the parkas are now out of season. JCrew has a good dupe, but it’s about 40.00 USD more expensive than even the Dorothy Perkins’ one.  For links, hit up the askbox because Tumblr keeps screwing with my layout.]

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